Even If Bell Stays Healthy And Out Of Trouble, Theres No Guarantee The Steelers Lean On Him The Way They Have The Past Two Years.

Dividing-Line Players But Bells risk comes on two fronts. He’s Got That Type Of Body And That Type Of Arm. | Our Penelope GonzalesTheres, of course, the suspensions. Bell is one strike away from a 10-game, or even indefinite, ban. Just as concerning are the injuries. Bell suffered a serious one in each of his first three NFL seasons. So even if you think Bell will avoid another suspension, theres the specter of injury, and even if you dont think hes injury prone, theres the off-the-field risk. It all adds up to a player who is probably going to miss more than four games. Even if Bell stays healthy and out of trouble, theres no guarantee the Steelers lean on him the way they have the past two years. Can they invest so much of their offensive capital in a player they might quite understandably view as a week-to-week proposition?

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